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Discover the Benefits of Giving Wisely

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The Codicil

The codicil is a document that amends rather than replaces, a previously executed will. A codicil makes it easy for you to include is in your estate plans. Download here

Did you know there are ways to support Freedom From Hunger that can also benefit you and your loved ones at the same time?

Such giving techniques are called "planned gifts." They enable you to leave an extraordinary legacy and make a more transformational difference… whether you're remembering us in your will, choosing a gift that pays you income, or establishing a gift that protects your assets.

With your help, planned gifts enable us to do what we do today even better tomorrow.

Why We Give

Share the joy of those who have made a difference by giving. More.


Giving Through Your Will or Estate

Discover how you can leave a larger and more significant legacy by remembering us in your will. More.

Did You Know Your IRA Can be Taxed Up to 70%?

Avoid potential double taxation of your retirement savings when you pass them to your heirs. More.

These Gifts Will Help Meet Your Needs and Ours

Endowment and Planned Gifts

Planned gifts are critical in strengthening our endowment - the financial cornerstone that fuels our future so we can do what we do today even better tomorrow. More.

Need More Information?

Questions? You can learn more about gift planning by writing or speaking to our planned giving staff. All inquiries are confidential.

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